• Horizontal Batch Thermal Evaporation Metalizing System
  • Chamber configurable up to 2 Meters in length
  • Single door with removable tooling fixture cart

System Summary

Horizontal batch coating system optimized for thermal resistance evaporation. Designed for coating low temperature plastics in a batch manufacturing environment Ideal for batch aluminum deposition for lighting reflectors, cosmetics and paint metal paint decorative finishes. Rotating multi-planetary fixture designs provide uniform coating for large batch size complex 3D substrates.

System Type

  • Horiztontal Batch
  • Single door with removable planetary tooling

Optimized Coating Area

  • Three configurations with 6, 8 or 10 Planetaries
  • Six (6) 558.8mm (22”) Planetaries or,
  • Eight (8) 457.2mm (18”) Planetaries
  • Ten (10) 406.4mm (16”)

Technical Summary

High power thermal resistive evaporation combined with in chamber heated monomer PECVD provides high brightness aluminum coatings for a wide range of plastics and metal substrates. Dual two-inch diameter copper buss bars on planetary assembly assures consistent voltage from front to back during evaporation process. Four stage evaporation sequence: Pre Soak, Soak, Pre Deposit and Deposit increases filament life and reduces scrap due to yellow or burnt parts.

Coating Method Options

  • MF AC Plasma Pre Treatment
  • Resistive Thermal Evaporation
  • Up to forty (40) filaments on each planetary
  • Single rope style filament system
  • Continuous feed evaporation sources
  • PECVD - MF AC Plasma

Typical System Dimensions

  • Width - 6.5M (22’)
  • Depth - 6.2M (21’)
  • Height – 3.5M (11.5’)