Roll to Roll

Mustang specializes in advanced and non-traditional roll to roll processes where precision deposition, tension and uniformity are required. Many companies look only at roll-to-roll handling and ignore the critical interactive impact of temperature and tension on web handling and the material stress factors associated with roll-to-roll processes. Mustang combines their deep understanding of deposition source design with the temperature and high vacuum web transport to define solutions optimized for your requirements.

Mustang believes that optimizing systems for production adds the highest value and that the process should define the system taking into account: Substrate, deposition material, layer stack, temperature control and uniformity.

Mustang team works with customers to take each these design factors into account and configure a fully optimized deposition system that balances the cost of capital with production uptime and yield. Each product and application has unique cost and yield drivers; we work with customers to identify each of these critical factors to ensure the highest level of customer value.

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