Battery Technology

Nanostructured Cathode Materials Deposition Science

The development of the Nanotechnology Battery requires an experienced Process and Production Partner, and Mustang Vacuum Systems is a leader in multi-deposition process development. Enhancements in NiCad, Lithium-ion, LiCoO 2 , LiMn 2 O 4 and LiFePO 4 deposition science and process throughput is advancing thru partnerships with our deposition product experts.

The programs available from Mustang Vacuum Systems include:

  • Research and Development Partnerships: we partner with Advanced Technology
    teams to move your project from Laboratory to Pre-production and beyond.
  • Pre-Production to Production Equipment design for the Proof of Manufacturability
    Stages of start-up.
  • Production Scale Equipment Design and Manufacture based on proven
    deposition technologies including a variety of substrates and deposition


Mustang Vacuum Systems offers proven production technology for the application of metals, oxides and matrix coatings in Roll-to Roll, Fast- Cycle Batch and Inline platforms. Multi- source sputtering technology, PECVD, and Hybrid deposition, including standard and customized widths and roll sizes: metal foils, polymer films and hybrid small format substrates.

We offer:

  • Coating Services R&D and pre-production Coating Consultation
  • Roll-to- Roll Web/Film/Foil Coating Production Systems
  • Fast Cycle Batch coating production Systems
  • Inline Continuous Flow high volume Production Systems


Deposition Equipment Options: