Energy Markets

Energy markets are challenging and complex. The technology investments are big bets, designed to do more, last longer, and stay deployed with reliability and lower cost of ownership.

Mustang Vacuum Systems has thin film coatings technology and process expertise across a wide range of coating services and equipment designs that helps our customers’ investments meet the harshest environments at consistent performance levels over time.



Oil & Gas Exploration/Transportation

High Performance Coatings For Oil & Gas Applications

Our SP4 TM Coating is both Smooth and TOUGH, providing Excellent Lubricity along with Corrosion and Wear resistance in the face of Heavy Use and High Temperatures, making it an outstanding coating for oil and gas equipment components. Learn More



Battery Technology

Roll-to- Roll Web Coating Production Systems for Battery Technology

Mustang Vacuum Systems offers proven production technology for the application of metals and oxides in Roll-to Roll platforms. Multi-source
sputtering technology, including standard and customized widths and roll sizes: metal foils, polymer films and hybrid substrates. Learn More




Roll-to- Roll Web Coating and In-line Systems for Thin-Film PV Solar Production

Mustang’s industrial vacuum deposition systems are optimized for the unique challenges of the latest generation of thin film photovoltaics. Utilization, Uptime, and Yield – Delivering truly high yield vacuum deposition systems requires the careful consideration of not only source utilization but optimizing preventative maintenance cycles and simple robust substrate loading. The largest impact on manufacturing throughput is scheduled down time. Production uptime is most severely impacted by the frequency of source material changes, substrate load
and unload cycles and the time and resources to complete scheduled maintenance. Mustang Solar designs 
and engineers our systems to balance these factors to achieve unparalleled uptime and throughput. Learn More