More Applications

Thin film vacuum deposited materials are used across most industries and the list of applications and specific coatings is continuously expanding. At Mustang, our focus is on industrial production level and pilot scale solutions for volume manufacturing. Our applications team based in Sarasota Florida is constantly working on new process developments to enable the next generation of thin film coated products to scale up to manufacturing efficiencies. Working with our customers we define specific coating requirements and performance standards an then configure one of our standard product or customized product platforms to optimize coating technical performance criteria and system capacity.












Mustang historically has designed and developed a number of custom vacuum deposition systems and a range of deposition sources to solve unique industrial coating challenges. Our applications team based in Sarasota Florida works with customers around the world developing deposition processes to achieve customer specific requirements. Our applications and design teams focus heavily on optimizing coating system design and deposition source architecture with customers annual capacity requirements to ensure high value and high productivity relative to capital investments. 

Mustang offers a wide range of standard processes, custom process development and strategic partner process development agreements.


Application Process Description
Zinc PVD Zinc corrosion protection
EMI / RFI Shielding Electromagnetic interference coatings
Touch Screens Anti-Reflection, Anti-Fingerprint, TCO
Optics Optical enhancement coatings




Cost effective and environmentally friendly physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating that can be applied to steels to improve the corrosion resistance and longevity under typical environmental conditions. Mustang’s PVD-Z coating is compatible with secondary or downstream processes such as powder coat painting. The use of powder coating is common in PVD applications because the powder coat adds mechanical strength and scratch resistance to the cost effective PVD corrosion protection layer.



EMI / RFI Shielding

EMI-RFI.pngElectromagnetic interference coatings eliminate or reduce electromagnetic waves by creating a highly conductive layer on plastics for applications such as Mobile phones, automobile and computer components.





Touch Screens


Hand held and touch screen product coatings. Anti Reflection, Anti Fingerprint, TCO(transparent conductive oxide) coatings are some of the many coatings enabling the next generation of devices. Mustang offers a range of systems optimized for sputter and evaporation coatings on glass.




Optics.pngOptics is the broad category for a range of coatings applied to transparent substrates such as glass, quartz, sapphire to limit or enhance the transmission of specific light spectrums. Anti Reflection, Anti Scratch are common for eyeglasses but the range is much broader with transparent conductors, optical filters, attenuation coatings and many others. Mustang offers large scale optical coaters for a broad range of optical coatings.